Windows Performance Monitor tips and tricks

Performance Monitor tips and tricks

The Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor is a tool that admins can use to examine how programs running on their computers affect their performance.

You can use Performance Monitor on most windows systems to specify system parameters to track. Performance Monitor then captures the values. You can then use it to monitor application and hardware performance in real-time.

Using Performance Monitor to create charts

Right-click the Windows button select run and type in perfmon.msc.

Click on Performance Monitor in the left pane.
Now click on + (green cross) to add.
Scroll down the list of available counters and add them to your monitor.
Performance Monitor gives you the option to modify the system counters that are being monitored. 
Click the Properties icon from the icon bar on the top.


Change the Data Presentation Format
Click on Change graph type and choose the new data format.
The report view is handy for viewing all information on your counters at once in real-time.

Capturing data using Data Collector Sets

You can use data collector sets to track system performance, log performance data for later use, raise a flag when a value is reached or exceeded, generate system alarms or event triggers, or as inputs to other applications on the system.

Right-click on Performance Monitor node in the left pane and choose New > Data Collector Set

Navigate to Data Collector Sets > User-Defined to view your new data collector set.

From the System Monitor Logs Properties dialogue box, you will see the objects you added in the Charts view earlier.

Data Collector Set Templates

Templates are useful in cases where you need to monitor similar system parameters on multiple computers.

Back in Performance Monitor window, expand Data Collector Sets, and then expand User Defined node.

Right-click your user-defined performance counter and choose Save Template

Import data collector set template

Right-click on User Defined node and choose New > Data Collector Set. Import from template
From the properties section, you can further define this Data Collector set.

Creating Alerts

Another useful feature of Performance Monitor is that it enables you to specify alerts to be raised based on the system performance of a computer resource.
Under Data Collector Sets, go to User-Defined node and right-click on it.
Choose New > Data Collector Set.

Give this Alert a name and Then choose Create (Advanced) option manually.

choose the Performance Counter Alert option.

Select any performance counters you would like to add.

Back in performance counters, would you like to monitor page, ensure that Alert when is set to Above. (This is to set the threshold for the alert)


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