msinfo.32.exe Collect and view system information from remote computers

Any machine running Msinfo32.exe can collect system information from computers that are members of the same Windows domain.

I took an online class recently that outlined how you can use msinfo32 to gather remote information on every pc and server in your Windows domain. I found this pretty useful for cataloging system information for later use.

On the Start screen, type: Msinfo32 hit enter

The system information window opens

On your Windows device, while System Information is running, click View and select Remote Computer.

On the Remote Computer dialog box, select Remote Computer on the Network option.

On the Network Machine Name text box, type:(the domain computer name)

There will be a short pause connecting to the remote device. If Msinfo32 errors out check the client firewall and allow the app through.

Now you can export your information to a text file by selecting file then export.


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