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Comodo Internet Security Pro 2019

I remember two years ago, we had a minor virus outbreak at my work, which inspired me to research a new security solution. I am the IT Manager for an SMB entertainment business. We are under state and U.S. regulation for data security and compliance, so security is essential in keeping the business running. 

What I wanted was a solution that was, not only secure, but also easy to install, as I was going to have 200 workstations and servers to manage, all while making sure not to impede the 24/7 business operations. 

I decided to download trials of most significant anti-virus brands and put them to the test using virus downloads for I also downloaded Comodo AEP. I'd heard of Comodo from purchasing SSL certs and used Comodo firewall in the 90's. I found only a couple of reviews online and the sites raved about it. So I figured why not?

I decided Comodo was the best pick. It was the clear winner in the AV test. It has a whole host of integrated features other Anti-viruses don't have. Host-based Intrusion detection, firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, auto-containment (Micro virtualization), website filtering, and Valkyrie Ai detection for unknown files and executables. 


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